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Business Blueprint

Business Blueprint, Miracles, and Paradigm Shift

I am still amazed at the MIRACLES that I read about in this book!!!! God has used Dr. Steve Steff’s writing and anointing to share these MIRACLES with all of us in this GREAT book!!! I can’t stop talking about how it has changed my paradigm!

I plan to get MORE copies of this book for business owners in my church! This book has REALLY changed my perspective on my life and my business mind! Dr. Steve Steff, the author, has written this as the blueprint for business owners. This book has provided me with clarity and insight on the steps to take in order to be a GUARANTEED successful business owner. I am so excited, because Dr. Steve Steff does a great job revealing that a solid and prosperous business HAS to be built on biblical principles. Also, the author pays a great deal of attention on how important it is to be an honorable and virtuous business owner who treats all people, including your employees, with kindness and respect. Furthermore, Dr. Steve Steff took a HUGE stand on “truth” in this book.

For every manager.

Every manager should read and apply the lessons Peter learns in The Business Card. The principles explained in this little book will strengthen your business if that’s your goal. It’s entertaining, a quick read and filled with nuggets for any manager. If you are specifically seeking ways to build a Christ-centered business, The Business Card is a must. Highly recommended.

A True Story With a Transforming Message!

A True Story With a Transforming Message!

“The Business Card”, by Dr. Steve Steff, beautifully describes the life changing experience of a successful business owner as he chooses to live out a commitment to God and a love for others. The story captivates the reader’s attention as Dr. Steff interweaves both the story and the emotions of the business owner moving from a casual spiritual walk to a passion and a commitment to his relationship with God, his concern for others, and his embedding of Godly values and truths into every facet of his business operation. The focal point of the story becomes the information the owner puts on the back of his company’s business card that reflects his newly established priorities for his life and that of his company in the form of a Mission Statement and Core Values. The effects of these two statements of truth and commitment transform the owner, his company, their business relationships, and have a rippling effect on untold thousands. The story is told in a captivating manner so that the reader truly experiences a “can’t put it down” feeling. The book is easy to read, flows extremely well, and enables the reader to feel that they themselves are experiencing the transformation. But more important, the reader is given a compelling sense of inspiration to achieve the same type of passion and commitment to their own platform for “loving God and loving others” and for “serving God and serving others”. Dr. Steff strongly succeeds in communicating each one’s need for seeking the eternal values and truths of this life and for recognizing and respecting the importance and dignity of every person. Each chapter concludes with a section of “Reflection”, in which Dr. Steff allows these values and truths to transcend the story itself to give the reader the elements to create their own such story. The business card of the owner had a profound effect on those who encountered it and likewise, “The Business Card” book by Dr. Steff has had and will have profound effect on those who read it. You can not read the book and look at life, business, self, and others the same. They will all have new levels of significance and purpose. As a business owner myself, I am giving a copy of “The Business Card” to all of my staff and to many business associates so that they too may share in this inspiration and worthwhile challenge.
Ron Bowman, Wake Forest, North Carolina